For every bracelet purchased, we plant 3 trees.


Each hand-made bracelet plants 3 trees.

The bracelets are named after the location of your planted trees.

A perfect meaningful gift. Plant for your loved ones.

845.671 planted trees
since 2019

9/10 people rate our project 5 stars. Here are some of the 700+ opinions.

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Our guarantee is free bracelets

If you are not convinced in the first 30 days that your purchase went for the right cause, we will refund the whole order and still plant trees and donate to charities. Keep the bracelets for free.

You are joining a mission. Our products will make you and your beloved ones feel proud before getting them.

You will get exclusive access to our project. No other company does what we do. Heck, not even charities provide so much value back to you! But you’ll never unless you join us. 😇

Start your risk-free tree planting journey NOW!

Wrap your bracelets in gift boxes

Why trees?

Help save the planet. Trees absorb carbon dioxide, which makes them the most effective natural solution against climate change.

Provide a better future for younger generations. Trees preserve moisture in the ground, which means more and healthier food.

Create fair job opportunities. All our tree planting activities and the production of our bracelets are well paid for.

Our Planting Locations


Aranta, Madagascar


East Aquin, Haiti


Mnurwar, Indonesia


Peru, The Amazon Rainforest


Kanaan, Kenya


Redwood, California




South West Catchments Council, Australia


Usambara Mountains, Tanzania

Don’t need a bracelet?
Just plant trees!

Choose the number of trees you want to plant and get a digital certificate.

Thank you!

We couldn’t do it without you.

More than +70.000 people from all around the world have already joined us planting more than 700 thousand trees so far.

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