We want to bring people together to plant trees and restore wildlife habitats around the world, while raising awareness about deforestation through social media.

FIRST GOAL: 1 million planted trees.


We are two brothers from Slovenia, Miha and Jaka, who have been living around forests and wood our entire lives. We have been running a small family carpentry business for more than three generations. Although the carpentry is small, we have still witnessed both positive and negative sides of the industry. Did you know that one and a half acres of forest is cut down every second? Knowing that we were a part of the problem was something we couldn’t cope with.

We decided to act. As the younger generation, we wanted to drastically change how we approach the wood industry. We completely redefined our meaning by putting nature and forests first and our products second.

The first CO2-neutral craftsmen

Our way to sustainability began in 2018, and by early 2019 we became the first CO2-neutral craftsmen in Slovenia, as we started planting trees. A lot of trees. Way more than we used in our production. Furthermore, to make our carpentry even more sustainable, we asked an authorised organisation to calculate our CO2 emissions. That is how we began to compensate for electricity usage and greenhouse gas emissions from our vehicles by financing even more tree planting projects.

What we were doing felt absolutely amazing! The only thing left was… we felt that we were in this alone. We could not make a global impact all by ourselves, and so we had to bring in more people that think the same. For that, we had to show people that if we do it together, everything is possible.

Treecelet bracelets are born

Inspired by other mission-driven brands, we decided to implement a business model that would allow us to make huge contributions to nature, and grow quickly, so that we could effectively pay workers, fund tree planting projects and raise awareness about deforestation through social media.

 That is how Treecelet bracelets were born. We pledged to plant trees for every bracelet sold by financing tree planting projects with our non-profit partners and make additional donations to other forest and animal-related organisations. We also wanted to build an organisational infrastructure that would support our mission’s future growth.

This is bigger than us

Although we have financed the planting of thousands of trees over the world, we are just getting started. The deforestation of the world is accelerating, and that is why we need more people like you, people who are committed to make that change and support the tremendous efforts of many phenomenal organisations.

Our mission will be finished only when we see nothing but green forests. Until then, we will fight for it with everything we have. This is way bigger than us and has a direct impact on you. All our lives depend on it.


We are a certified mission-driven environmental enterprise created to help end the crisis created by needless deforestation.

We are not a non-profit organisation, because we want to keep our focus on our mission and not the bureaucracy of running a non-profit organisation. At the moment, all our tree planting and awareness raising efforts are financed solely by your purchases of our Treecelet products. All the funds collected are used only to support tree planting projects, finance awareness content on social media and for further development of our Treecelet project. Other than minimum wages, that assure us a decent life and the ability to protect nature, absolutely no personal gain will be made with the project.

In the future, we intend to expand this project world-wide and turn our focus to local deforestation problems as well. We are not perfect, but we try to make our practices even more sustainable every single day by investing in environmentally friendly packaging, finding new sustainable ways of creating our products and improving our everyday practices.

We believe enterprise can be a source of good, and we hope to inspire others to rethink their business models and to strive for creative solutions that would leave the world a better place for our children.


We strive only for the highest sustainability and ethical standards.


We cooperate only with the world’s leading non-profit organisations that share our ethical standards.



We finance tree planting projects and awareness videos on social media for every bracelet sold.


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