How to save forests

Anyone can contribute to a better future, and small changes, collectively, are the ones that can make the biggest difference.


This e-book is not for everyone …

Many people would rather not know about what is done to the environment so that they can have the products they want at a price that they want to pay.


This e-book is for anyone who cares about the environment. The reasons for maintaining a natural environment are obvious to you, for which we are truly grateful. Change, however, begins with all of us. Every decision made begins as the choice of an individual. Only when enough individuals choose the same thing, does it become collective.

We, therefore, must be the ones to make the first move.

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This book was financed through the sales of our bracelets.

For every bracelet purchased you finance tree planting projects and educational content like this book.

About the author

Miha Hrovat, Treecelet founder

Who am I?

I owe you an introduction. My name is Miha and I am coming from one of the greenest countries in the world – Slovenia. I am one of the founders of the Treecelet project, which is a project that plants trees for every bracelet sold.

I have always appreciated the incredible surroundings that Slovenia offers and because of that, I am extremely sympathetic to the areas around the world that are not that lucky. When traveling around the world, I was devastated to see the harsh truth about the condition that our planet is in …

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I will never forget my visit to Indonesia. It was like a rock hitting me in the head when I realized that I was living in a bubble that doesn’t reflect the worldwide situation. Destruction of forests, animals losing their home, people living in poverty, … It all goes hand in hand.

I always wanted to make some kind of impact on the world. In my college years, I was teaching children with disabilities and learned a lot about the most vulnerable group. This was the way I satisfied my need to help back then.

After I finished studying philosophy and the Russian language, I decided to find ways how I could make my impact bigger. How in the world can I make a change in these crazy times?

Before I answer this question, there’s one more thing you need to know about me. I have been raised in a family of entrepreneurs, as we have a family carpentry business for almost 60 years, which became the first CO2 neutral family-ran company in 2018. Entrepreneurship is something that I have been taught all my life.

I had a moment when everything clicked … I wanted to make a change through entrepreneurship!

This is the world I feel comfortable in, and to be honest, this is the area that I know the best. That is how I came up with the idea of Treecelet – bracelets that plant trees.

Long story short, I see our bracelets as a medium for doing good in the world. For every bracelet sold, we finance tree planting projects around the world and finance awareness and educational content like this book that you are reading right now.

From my past experiences, when teaching children that struggled in their lives, I also wanted that our bracelets are made by the amazing people included in the program of social inclusion of unemployed persons with disabilities.

That is how I try to change the world.

Special thanks to my team for shaping the future of so many lives with me. It wouldn’t be possible without them. Positive changes are always a group effort.


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