Loyalty program for registered members.

How does it work?

✔ Track the number of trees you have planted.
✔ Collect seeds to get discounts and free products.
✔ Collect awesome eco-friendly rewards.
✔ Maximize your positive environmental impact.


Join MY FOREST program and start earning rewards.


Earn 10 points for every 1€ you spend. 


Redeem your seeds for discounts and free products.


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100 seeds

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100 seeds

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200 seeds

Forest levels

Check out the benefits of growing your forest with us:

Sapling – 20 trees

  • You will receive 250 seeds

Grove – 50 trees

  • You will receive 500 seeds
  • Free cotton bag

Forest – 100 trees

  • You will receive 1000 seeds
  • Free exclusive bracelet that is not available in the shop


What is My Forest Club?

My Forest program is a reward program where you can collect seeds and keep track of how many trees you’ve planted.

Earn seeds to redeem them for discounts and free products.

Plant trees to reach higher tiers to receive additional seeds, rewards, and free exclusive products.

How do I earn seeds?

When you join our My Forest program, you earn points with every purchase. Earn 10 seeds for every 1€ spend.

You can also perform various actions to earn additional seeds. More information HERE.

When you reach a higher tier, you will receive additional seeds. Each level gives more seeds.

How do I increase the number of my Trees?

With every purchase, you plant a certain amount of Trees. You can find the number of planted trees for each product in the product description.

How do I redeem seeds?

You can redeem your seeds for discounts and free products. You can check all the options HERE.

Who can be part of My Forest Club?
Anyone can be a part of the My Forest program. All you need is a free account with us. You can create your account HERE. 
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