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Tree planting is what we do. Our first goal is to achieve 1 million planted trees, and every month YOU help us to get closer to that goal. It’s not just about planting trees together, but creating a better future for ourselves and our children.

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Plant 6 trees every month!

Are you a devoted nature lover? Then the FOREST HERO programme is a must for you.

It’s the most effective programme for you to make a positive impact on the climate for less than 1.50€ per week.


Made locally by us

Our leaf Treecelets are hand-made in Slovenia by mothers that take care of their children at home. This way, they can work from home and raise our most precious gold – children. Are our children not one of the main reasons to preserve nature?


Are you looking for gifts made from sustainable materials?

All our gifts finance worldwide tree planting projects and have an extremely low carbon footprint, as all the components are made locally. The gift box is also made of eco-friendly recycled cardboard.


You wear, we plant

It’s simple yet effective, however, you don’t just buy a tree planting bracelet, you buy a message that you broadcast each time you wear it. So, wear it proudly, knowing that you are doing something to help nature, and, by default, humanity!

As proudly as you wear your bracelet, we plant trees. It’s a two-way promise that enables us to make a global change together.


We support various charities that helps endangered animals

Helping animals is equally as important as planting trees. With our animal bracelet, you don’t just plant trees, but support and finance animal charities that protect endangered species – the primary victims of non-stop deforestation.

* If you are on the list and you don’t want to be you can turn that off in your account. Also, you can change your nickname if you want a different name to be displayed.

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