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Why should you buy TODAY?

15 000 000 trees are cut down each day and approximately 1 billion people are depending on the forest to survive.

It is our responsibility to help them! We created this project but we need you to really make an impact. Be the change in the world and start TODAY!

What is Treecelet?

Easy, reliable, and trust-worthy way to plant trees.

It is vital for us to save the planet and protect the environment. It’s the responsibility of each and every individual to ensure a safe future for the next generation by reducing our CO2 footprint. We can do that by planting trees in the areas where they need them the most.

Treecelet is a reliable and trust-worthy project that plants trees in the most affected areas through the sales of our bracelets. We use locally produced and sustainable materials with minimum environmental impact. A large portion of our products is made by people with disabilities.

The total number of trees planted

Tree Planting Bracelets

Plant trees in designated countries.

Animal Saving Bracelets

Plant trees and save animals.

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30,000+ people planted trees with us.

Since our start in 2018, we have shipped over 80,000 bracelets to 38 countries worldwide. Our loyal community has blessed us with an extraordinary score of 4.6 out of 5. The missing 0.4 stars must be the work of climate change deniers. 🙂

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The biggest environmental and social impact.

Sustainable bracelets for a better future.

Our bracelets are created with only one goal in mind – to help nature. We carefully choose locally produced materials to minimise the carbon footprint of the production. Our tree planting projects are funded exclusively by your generosity through the sales of our products.

But we do even more, we believe in empowering people. That is why your purchase provides fair work to people with disabilities that would otherwise be unemployed.

Our story.

Over 300,000 trees planted by people from 38 countries.

Treecelet pioneers in helping nature and empowering people through entrepreneurship. We started in Slovenia in 2018 and continue to evolve. Our mission is to plant as many trees and lift up as many people as possible so we can ensure a stable and green future for us and younger generations.

Today, we are extremely proud to run 13 tree planting projects around the world. 

Check our tree planting projects below:


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