Plant 3 trees every month!

The most effective programme for you to make a positive impact on the climate for less than €0.75 per week.

After more than two years of planting trees all around the world, we came up with the simplest solution that everyone could afford.

Yes, just 3 trees per month is all it takes for you to start living an environmentally responsible life.


This is the impact that you make by planting just 3 trees per month

Neutralise your monthly CO2 emissions

Give more to the planet than you take. Plant trees by funding our own tree planting team in Tanzania.

Provide an environmentally secure future for younger generations

You will leave a better world than the one you were born into for your children and grandchildren.

Protect the environment

You will create new habitats and provide a perfect place for animals to enjoy life.

Make a positive impact on the climate for as little as 2.90€ per month!

 4.79/5 Trusted Shop Rating

Our own tree planting team

To ensure that your money is used in the best possible way, we have established our own tree planting team in Tanzania. When joining our TREE+ program, you get access to weekly updated photos and videos so you can always check out what’s new.

With your TREE+ plan, you also support more than 100 families involved in tree planting.

Select your monthly plan

Plant trees and offset your carbon footprint




The perfect plan for an average European citizen

 3 trees planted every month.

 Neutralise your CO2 emissions.




The perfect plan for an average European family (averaging 2 adults & 2 children)

 12 trees planted every month

 Neutralise your family’s CO2 emissions

Family plus



For bigger families or your inner circle of closest friends (up to 6 persons)

 18 trees planted every month

 Neutralise the CO2 emissions of your inner circle.

*You can cancel your subscription anytime.

What our customers say

As a member of Treecelet Tree+ you will

  • Remove CO2 from the atmosphere.
  • Grow your own forest.
  • See the impact that you are making brought to life.
  • Keep track of progress via your profile.
  • Have access to photos and videos directly from our Tree Planting Team.
  • Receive a free e-book ‘How to save forests’.

Your Questions Answered

Why did you create the TREE+ program?

Our mission is to encourage people to create a sustainable life together.

With our TREE+ program, we wanted to show how little it takes to make an important contribution, to live more sustainably and make an incredibly large impact for a small financial input of less than €0.75 per week.

How much of my money is used for tree planting?

We are proud to say that to date, 80% of our surplus went directly to tree planting. That’s more than €40,000!

We use the other 20% to attract new subscribers and to expand our project.

Why 3 trees?

This is the number that allows you to create a great environmental impact for the very affordable price of less than €0.75 per week.

We believe in encouraging people to create the large effect of a sustainable life by doing small things in their lives.

Are 3 trees enough to offset my carbon footprint?

Yes, that’s more than enough to offset CO2 emissions of an average European person.

You can check the calculation in the next question.

How do you calculate carbon offset?

Based on official European study (, an average European person produces 7.3 tonnes of CO2 every year.

Based on the tree species that we plant, our planted trees accumulate 301.9 kg of CO2 in the first 20 years of their growth.

That means an average European would need to plant a little more than 2 trees per month to offset his or her carbon footprint.

We want to make sure that we really give more to the planet than we take.  Planting 3 trees per month is a number that, according to the above figures, offsets your carbon footprint and assures you peace of mind.


Where will my trees be planted?

We have connected with a local community in Lushoto (Tanzania) to plant your trees in various tree planting site in the Usambara mountains.

Who will plant my trees?

We will plant your trees directly with our own Treecelet tree planting team in Tanzania.

We are the only tree planting company with our own tree planting team, to ensure that your money is used in the best possible way.

With your support for our tree planting project, you provide financial stability to more than 100 families involved in tree planting.

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