For each braceelet you buy you finance tree planting projects.

Why should you buy TODAY?

15 000 000 trees are cut down each day and approximately 1 billion people are depending on the forest to survive.

It is our responsibility to help them! We created this project but we need you to really make an impact. Be the change in the world and start TODAY!

How does it work?


Each bracelet carries the name of the tree-planting project that the bracelet supports.


For every bracelet purchased you fund our tree planting projects all around the world. All the funds for tree planting are raised exclusively through the sales of Treecelet bracelets


It’s our turn to plant your trees and raise awareness about the problems caused by deforestation. Your job now is to wear the bracelet and spread the message.

Tree Planting Bracelets

Plant trees in designated countries.

Animal Saving Bracelets

Plant trees and save animals.

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Our goal

Our first goal is to achieve 1 million planted trees, and every month YOU help us to get closer to that goal. It’s not just about planting trees together, but creating a better future for ourselves and our children.

The number of trees planted last month

The total number of trees planted

Your bracelet.
Your project.

With your Treecelet bracelets, you can fund 9 different projects that wouldn’t be possible without you. Support our tree planting and animal preservation projects. Find your favourite project and support it by purchasing your Treecelet bracelet

We are a certified project supported by world-leading reforestation organisations.

Become a part of the Green Forest Movement

More than 15,000 people have already planted trees with us. We are creating a community of people who care about our planet and our children’s future.

What do people think about our project?

"The most important thing about these delicate little bracelets is that they protect and build up our nature – the "trees on the wrist "constantly remind us how important it is!"

Hanna S.

"Great idea! Trees are planted and at the same time I get a really nice bracelet as a souvenir."

Barbara N.

"A beautiful bracelet and for a good cause! I'm happy that a few more trees could be planted!"

Gisela E.

"The bracelets are very beautiful, and I wear them with pride. I hope the forests will recover in the next decade from the disasters and young trees will continue to grow. We will definitely do that."

Sandra D.

"The bracelet is super beautiful, looks very high quality and fits well. Really a very nice accessory with which you can also support a good cause. 100% recommended."

Tanja D.

Trusted Shops rating: 4.76

Frequently Asked Questions

Who are we?

We are really excited that you would like to know more about us. Please click here to learn more about who we are.

How does the tree planting work?

For every product you purchase, we finance tree planting projects around the world. For tree planting, we cooperate with the world’s leading reforestation organisations: Eden Reforestation Projects and One Tree Planted. Together we plant trees in the most badly affected areas of the world.

Beside tree planting, we also finance awareness content on social media and habitat or animal preservation around the world. To check all our partners and projects, click here.

How can I trust you?

That’s a question that we both love and hate at the same time. Why should this be?

Our project has purely good intentions. It’s frustrating to see that people miss out on awesome projects because they don’t believe in the integrity of the people behind them. We are just as sick of corrupt charities as you are!

We are not a huge charity organisation, just a group of young environmental enthusiasts trying to make the world a better place. 

We strive only for the highest sustainability and ethical standards. This is why we co-operate with only the best and most trustworthy organisations around the world, as partners, to plant trees and protect animals.

We are a vetted partner of two of the world’s leading reforestation organisation in the world: Eden Reforestation Projects and One Tree Planted.

You can find us listed on Eden Reforestation Project’s website as one of their partners by clicking here and on the One Tree Planted page, here.

We also co-operate with other top-rated organisations, mainly for habitat and animal preservation purposes. You can check out all our projects and partners here.

We also post our certificates for every financial commitment that we make. You can check the certificates that verify our co-operation with the organisations mentioned above here:

We absolutely love what we do together!

We look to achieve the highest ethical standards. The vast majority of the bracelets are made by us in Slovenia, and our products are also compliant with the most recognisable ethical & ecological certificates.

Which trees do you plant and where are they planted?

With every product, you support designated tree planting projects. In every product’s description, you can find the number and location of the planted trees for that specific product.

At the moment, we are actively working on the following planting projects:

  • Madagascar
  • Indonesia
  • Haiti
  • Kenya
  • Australia
  • Amazon Rainforest
Wouldn't it be better to keep the old trees alive instead of planting new ones?

We think that keeping trees alive is just as important as planting new ones.

This is why we created a wholesome cycle that we call “Plant & Prevent”.
Besides financing tree planting projects, we finance awareness and educational content on social media to show people what we can do to create a minimal impact on deforestation in our everyday lives. In the long-run, we want to change how people think and act. With financing tree planting projects, we also finance the protection of newly planted trees.

If you are worried that the newly planted trees will be cut down in the near future, then you should know that all the planting projects that we finance are protected.

Check this video to see how the trees are protected: click here.

Besides all this, we also finance habitat preservation projects.

To check out our projects, click here.

The species of tree planted, depends on the location of the project. To check out the tree species and partners for all our planting or preservation projects, click here.

Why isn't Treecelet a non-profit organisation?

We are a certified, mission-driven, environmental enterprise created to help end the world’s deforestation crisis.

We are not a non-profit organisation, because we want to keep our focus on our mission and not be entangled in the bureaucracy of running a non-profit organisation. At the moment, all our tree planting and awareness raising efforts are financed solely by your purchases of our Treecelet products. All the funds collected are used exclusively to support tree planting projects, finance awareness content on social media and to enable further development of the Treecelet project. Other than the minimum wage that assures us a decent life and allows us to protect nature, absolutely no personal gain will be made with the project.

In our situation, there are many benefits to acting as an environmental enterprise rather than a charity. The main reason is the possibility to quickly accelerate the project. For example, as a non-profit concern, we would often rely on funding that is intended for defined periods of time or for specific projects. We are funded exclusively by our own business results and therefore any decision regarding where we deploy our resources is our own. If we REALLY want to succeed at what we want to achieve, we need unlimited scalability. It is also much harder to raise investment capital as a non-profit model.  With investment, however, we could potentially make an even greater impact in the future. In short, we firmly believe that the freedom of running the project as an environmental enterprise will help us make a greater environmental impact than we would have otherwise done.

In the future, we intend to expend this project world-wide, and turn our focus to local deforestation problems too. We are not perfect, but we try to make what we do even more sustainable every single day by investing in environmentally friendly packaging, finding new sustainable ways of creating our products and improving our everyday working practices.

Yes, we intend to make a profit one day, since we want to create jobs with decent wages. We think it’s fair and reasonable for young people to find ways of creating jobs that sustain and have a positive impact on nature. Look around yourself, and count up how many people we know have got rich by destroying our planet? That seems unfair to us – getting a poor living out of trying to make a change. It is unacceptable to us that “doing good” also equals “being poor” and “doing it for free”. We firmly believe that people who are changing the world for the better deserve to be paid fairly and proportionately according to the positive impact that they bring to nature.

We believe enterprise can be the source of good and we hope to inspire others to rethink their models to strive for creative solutions that would leave the world a better place for our children.

Why do I need to buy a bracelet to plant trees?

To be completely honest, we don’t want people to buy our bracelets or any other products as long as everyone contributes in their own way. We just want people to act. We are spreading a positive message and trying to do as much as possible for the environment, and for that we need resources. We completely understand that our project is not for everyone, and we are glad that it’s like that. Everyone has options: planting trees alone, donating directly to local or worldwide organisations or joining initiatives like ours.

We honestly do not care about which option people choose, as long as they choose one. We totally disagree with the “status quo” and the mentality that “others should fix it” or “the government should do it”. It is not true. The means for change lie in all of us. Our everyday choices matter. For example, every time we buy processed food containing palm oil, we support the palm oil producer’s activities. In the long run, we want to change the mentality that allows our planet to be destroyed little by little without anyone noticing.

What we do differently to other organisations lies in our knowledge of how social media works. We use Facebook and Instagram to raise awareness and bring more people into our project.

Besides financing tree planting projects with our tree planting partners, we put a lot of our work into running our project and raising awareness. We are in some ways hacking capitalism and social media for environmental benefits. If we could put it simply, the purchase of certificates or any other product supports:

  • Tree planting projects.
  • Launching local tree planting actions.
  • Awareness content.
  • Development of the Treecelet project.
  • Our work.
How are Treecelet bracelets, and related products, different from others?

For every bracelet, or any other product sold, we finance tree planting projects around the world and fund awareness content on social media. Changing the way people think and act is our long-term goal and we want to communicate our vision through our products.

We strive only for the highest sustainability and ethical standards. We constantly work to improve our practices and choice of materials to create fair-trade and sustainable products.

Where are the bracelets made?

Every product that you find in our store is either made by us or from our ideas and our designs, with the highest ethical standards in our mind. We are proud to say that the vast majority of the bracelets sold are made by us, here in Slovenia.

At the beginning of the project, we started cooperating with a manufacturing company in China to create our bracelets, since we couldn’t find a producer in Europe that would be able to make the desired quantities. This was the only reason, why we chose to do that.

But before going into co-operation, we wanted to make sure that the workers received fair wages and conditions. We also paid more for the bracelets than we would have paid with other producers, but cheapness is not our ethos. We know that fair conditions come with a price, and we are more than willing to pay more for that.

At the beginning of the project, we also decided not to start our own production, because it would have cost too much and the risk of failure would have been too high. This could have seriously damaged our project.

We had no idea how people would react to our project, and it seemed much more reasonable at that point to start co-operating with a manufacturer than to finance our own production.

As soon as we saw that the project had a bright future ahead of it, we started developing our own production of the bracelets. Now, as you can see, the vast majority of the bracelets are made here, by us, in Slovenia. These are the Original Treecelet bracelets that you can find on our website. We still have some stock of the previous models as well, but we estimate that all the bracelets will be made by us here in Slovenia by the end of 2021.

Who are the non-profit organisations that you support?

We are well aware that it is impossible to rely on just one person, company or organisation to end the deforestation crisis.

This is why we cooperate with the world’s leading and most trustworthy tree planting and animal preservation organisations.

To date, we are proud to say that in the first year (March 2019 – March 2020) we donated more than € 20,000 to our non-profit partners, which is exactly 72% of our surplus. This is the full list of our non-profit partners: click here.

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